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Vetchat is Australia’s first online vet service.
Peace of mind with expert help for your beloved pet from the comfort of your own home, even outside of standard vet hours.


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Get peace of mind with easy access to vet advice online for your dog or cat.  Online consultations from only $29.95 with a real vet now!

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Vetchat is your first destination for the answers you need. Experienced veterinarians will give you the best advice and treatment plan to get your pet’s health back on track.

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Worried it can’t wait till morning? Ease your mind right away. Speak to a vet online from 6am-10pm AEST.


  • Get personalised, expert advice, unique to your pet
  • Affordable and available even if the vet clinic is closed
  • Have your consult by video or text chat
  • Less stress on anxious furry travellers
  • Next day follow up. We make sure your fur baby is back on track

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what our clients say

We’ve helped 1000’s of Australian pet parents, here’s what they have to say
Dr Claire was so helpful, and put my mind at ease at a time when I couldn't get to my local vet. Her video call made all the difference in knowing what action to take with my puppy Pepper. Further still, Dr Claire followed up the next day to see how Pepper was feeling. Thank you so much Dr Claire, I can't wait to share my experience with others.- Nicoleta, NSW
Dr Claire has always provided the utmost care to my dog Zoe, and now with the vetchat service, is even more close at hand for those routine questions or concerns. She is both caring and incredibly knowledgeable in her field, making her the perfect vet!- Anneke, VIC
Our puppy Tonks was having a bad run with illness and the vet bills were accumulating. Vetchat helped us to understand what Tonks was going through, what the next steps should be and what we could do for her, that day, without the adding to the vet debt. We highly recommend Dr Claire and Vetchat to anyone who is umming and ahhing about taking their beloved pet to the vet.- Benny, QLD
The after hours service, prior to going to a vet hospital could be a vital decision between waiting for a vet to open, which could be fatal, or even just understanding the level of severity of your pets diagnosis (it could be something minor and therefore not needed the after hours vet service or hospital). vetchat provides professional support to help you make a decision on the next actions to take to care for your pet.- Mark, VIC

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