Mar 28
curious dog

5 easy ways to avoid Easter’s toxic fur treats

Now that we know chocolate and hot cross buns are two Easter treats no fur kid should eat (because of their toxicity levels), let’s chat about some easy ways we can keep them apart.

1. Easter baskets in high places

Dogs love chocolate. Chocolate doesn’t love dogs. The two don’t mix, so it’s best to keep temptation well out of reach. Stash your choccies way up high, or lock them away altogether. (This may be helpful advice for humans too!)

2. Be mindful on Easter egg hunts

As much as we’d love our dogs to join in, it’s a good idea to keep them confined safely while you embark on your adventure. Keep them inside (or outside, depending on where your hunt is). Or if it’s too heartbreaking, be sure to pop them on a lead so you can stop any unexpected nibbles. Pssst, parents: remember where you’ve stashed all the chocolates so nothing gets left behind.

3. Educate their besties (human kids)

The common scenario is a toddler dropping their hot cross bun on the floor (purposefully or not!), allowing their opportunistic counterpart to take full advantage. Keep a close eye on all kids, furry or not. Make clean-ups a regular thing to avoid wrappers being left (they’ll eat those too). And if your babies are old enough, try to explain why it’s important: we don’t want our pup getting sick.

4. Don’t be fooled by puppy dog eyes!

Our pups love the taste as much as we do. Unfortunately for their little tummies however, even the tiniest amount isn’t worth it.

5. Still not sure? Chat to Vetchat

We’re here for pet parents and fur babies all Easter long weekend, so if you do run into any troubles or notice any strange signs, don’t hesitate to start a chat.

Wishing all of our fur families a happy, hoppy Easter!