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For two days my cat has been vomiting what she eats, and now she isn’t eating at all.

It sounds like your lovely cat is very unwell.

Vomiting and not eating are very non-specific signs and can be due to a long list of conditions. Vomiting food, and now not eating food (especially when >24 hours) is an indication to go to your local vet for a hands-on examination as soon as possible.

Depending on the findings from the examination, the vet may even recommend a blood test as a great way to assess your cat’s base health. Abdominal imaging (such as radiography and ultrasound) is often used in cases of vomiting to exclude any structural disease in the abdomen.

If you’d like to chat in person, you can book a live video call or start a chat to discuss in more detail, as soon as possible.

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