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Why does my dog cough and throw up white mucus? Just been in a kennel for 2 weeks

The kennels are a bit like child care, there are a mass of dogs placed near one another, and if one is sick it can easily spread to others.

Because of this, much like a child getting a cold at day care, dogs that board with other dogs commonly come home with a cough. Kennel cough is usually a loud hacking cough, and almost sounds like something is caught in their throat. This is often viral, or can be bacterial, and it is highly contagious.

Treatment involves anti-inflammatories, sometimes antibiotics, rest and isolation from other dogs. Like the flu, even if your dogs are vaccinated against the common strains they can still get a form of kennel cough.

With kennel cough, affected dogs are usually otherwise bright and happy, have no temperature and are eating normally. The cough can last 10-14 days.

A hands-on examination from your local vet would be a great place to start.

Do give your vet a heads up though that you’re coming in with a cough post kennels, it’s best that you’re not in the waiting room where they could potentially spread the cough further to other dogs. They may call you in directly from the car park.

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