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I think my dog has conjunctivitis. Both his eyes are red and he keeps itching them. What can we do for him?

Eye problems need to be assessed swiftly. If both eyes are red and your dog is itching them, it could possibly be conjunctivitis but other conditions such as corneal ulcers, uveitis and glaucoma can be very painful and if left untreated, can deteriorate rapidly.  A veterinary check up of any eye condition is important.

When it comes to your pet’s eyes, keep an eye out for the following:

  1. one or both eyes closed or squinting – this can indicate pain
  2. swollen eyelids or swollen eye – allergies, infection and trauma can all cause swelling
  3. increased redness on the white of the eye- irritation, infection or even glaucoma (increased pressure in the eye) can cause and ‘angry’ and red eye
  4. discharge from one or both eyes – a sticky discharge, particularly yellow or green is not normal and can indicate infection or diseases such as dry eye
  5. your pet is continually rubbing their eye – this can indicate pain, an allergy or irritation
  6. suddenly bumping in furniture or walls – a change in vision might indicate glaucoma, cataracts or the presence of underlying diseases such as high blood pressure (hypertension) or diabetes

Don’t be tempted to put any left over ointment or drops (dispensed for a human or animal) in your pet’s eyes as some medications can make certain eye problems worse. Also, if your pet has any discharge from the eye/s it is best to gently wipe it away with damp cotton wool.

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