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I think my dog might be pregnant. How can I tell?

Signs of pregnancy in a dog may include:

  • Teats are larger or more prominent in colour from just over 4 weeks into the pregnancy. They may have a discharge.
  • Weight gain occurs from about week 5 of pregnancy, and the tummy becomes more swollen as the pregnancy progresses. (Note: a false pregnancy can also cause changes of the teats and a discharge).

To know if your dog is pregnant you should take her to your local Veterinarian for a hands on checkup. From later in the pregnancy the Veterinarian will be able to feel puppies (>30 days) , but to tell earlier than this, we can do a blood test or an ultrasound of her abdomen (>22days).

A radiograph is also an option when the bones of the puppy are visible. This allows the Veterinarian  to count the number of pups so you know what to expect for mum. Knowing the number of pups to expect makes your monitoring of the birthing process that little bit easier, and safer.

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