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I’m looking at purchasing a French bulldog. How do I know if the breeder is legitimate? I have their breeder number but what website do I look up?

Fantastic that you are making the decision in advance to support legitimate breeders.

Best thing you can do, is make sure that you only buy your dog from a reliable source. You can check out RSPCA and rescue organisations for Frenchies, and failing that look for a responsible dog breeder.

You can also look up the French Bulldog Clubs, speak to state associations and look for registered breeders. One thing to note though, is that just because they are registered, doesn’t mean they are fantastic.

It’s important to physically visit to see the puppy and bitch in their home environment. This allows you to see the how the dogs are housed and how they are looked after. You can also chat to the breeders local veterinarian who will have records of microchip, first vaccination and check etc.

Your communications with the breeder will give you some indication of what they’re about, but words can be deceiving so seeing their property is far better.

Pet shops often get their pets from puppy farms or backyard breeders, so check on this too.

I hope this helps you find your puppy and be confident you are supporting legitimate breeders caring for their dog’s welfare. (another thing is to look for Frenchie events near you and chat to the owners with where they sourced their pets)

If you’d like to chat in person, you can get a vet on a live video call or start a chat to discuss in more detail now.

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