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My 5 month old puppy has had diarrhoea, snotty nose, weepy eyes and a little cough for the last 24 hours. Still eating normally, as active as normal.

In short, it’s not normal for a puppy to have diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is really just a symptom and can be the result of many underlying causes.

In this case, we really need to find the cause of the diarrhoea so that we can treat your puppy’s problem (not just the symptom). This will help us reach the best treatment plan too. 

The cough, watery eyes and snotty nose also mean there some type of respiratory inflammation or infection. 

Some of the underlying causes of diarrhoea might be:

  •  Stress associated with change of their environment
  •  Dietary change induced diarrhoea
  •  Infectious disease (bacteria, viruses, parasites)
  •  Gut problems (inflammatory bowel disease, tumours, obstructions, food intolerance or food allergies)
  • Abdominal or metabolic problems (kidney, liver, pancreatitis, spleen, electrolyte abnormalities, diabetes)
  • Direct irritation of the stomach
  • A reaction to toxins or other drugs
  • Dietary indiscretion (aka what every puppy owner knows all too well – they will eat anything and everything!)

If your pup is otherwise healthy (bright, happy, great appetite and good weight), that’s a great sign, but she needs to be monitored closely as puppies can deteriorate and become dehydrated from fluid loss quickly.

However if your pup is flat or the diarrhoea is continuing she really need a hands-on examination from your local vet to treat the symptoms, but also get to the bottom of the problem.

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