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My dog has a very green/yellow gunky right eye. What can I do to help her. Do I need to go to vet tomorrow when it opens?

If your dog has green or yellow discharge from one eye she could have an infection or even a foreign body in the eye. Examples of foreign bodies may include a grass seed trapped behind the third eyelid.  Other conditions such as corneal ulcers and dry eye can also present with similar symptoms and ALL of these conditions can be very painful.

If left untreated the eye can deteriorate rapidly so a veterinary check up in the morning is definitely recommended.

Don’t be tempted to put any left over ointment or drops (dispensed for a human or animal) in your dog’s eyes as some medications can make certain eye problems worse and can expire once opened for a certain amount of time.

You should gently wipe the discharge from the eye with damp cotton wool (remember eye conditions can be very painful so your dog may not let you go near the eye).

If you’d like to chat in person, you can get a vet within minutes on a live video call or start a text chat to discuss in more detail.

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