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We’ve moved to a house without a backyard and my dog does wee but will not poo. How long to hold poo is bad?

It’s normal for dogs to poop daily and certainly not going for a few days in a row can result in constipation. It does depend on the individual. 

I would monitor your dogs behaviour as to whether to worry about him or not- if he is eating normally, not vomiting, bright and happy and not straining to go to the toilet, he is likely ok. He needs to be monitored closely as he adjusts to his new environment. 

If he is straining to go to the toilet, has a reduced appetite, or is vomiting then he could be constipated and as such would require urgent hands on veterinary attention.

Make sure he has plenty of fresh water available daily. If he is reluctant to go we may also need to add fibre to his diet. 

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