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My mini foxy just licked a cane toad. He is acting like something gross is in his mouth. I quickly googled and attempted to wipe his tongue with a wet wash cloth.

If a dog has had an encounter with a cane toad you need to rinse his mouth as soon as possible.

Do this with a hose on very LOW pressure pointing from one SIDE of his mouth the other SIDE (i.e. never point the hose towards their throat – this risks forcing water into their lungs which gives you another problem all together).

To make it safer, have his nose pointing downwards as well, to further safeguard from the risk of water entering the lung.

Do this with a low pressure (i.e. dripping) hose for 10 to 15 minutes. As the toxin is quite sticky, a wet cloth gently wiping at the gums is a good way to remove it from there too.

If he is comfortable afterwards, not salivating or pawing at his mouth, monitor him inside for the next few hours.

However, if he is disorientated, has shivers, tremors, muscle stiffness or showing unusual behaviours, you need to seek veterinary help immediately. Let me know if you need help finding an open bricks and mortar vet.

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