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My 15 yr old Pomeranian x has Cushing’s disease, he is on Trilostane and has been on it for 7 weeks. No improvement. Is it possible its not working?

Trilostane therapy is a good choice of Treatment for Pituitary Dependent Cushings Disease. Studies have shown that between 82-100% of dogs with this condition will respond to Trilostane.

Signs of improvement are only usually seen from 4-6 weeks after start of treatment (not before), if there’s no response at this later stage then testing for a possible underlying condition that is interfering with the medication is needed, and if nothing is found it may simply mean that a dosage change is required.

A test called an ACTH stimulation test is done at 4-6 weeks after the start of treatment and the results of this together with the clinical signs of your dog help determine next steps.

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