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My staffy pup has a fractured 5th digit and it is splinted. He has a crate. He wants to run and play. The vet says not for another 3 weeks. He is going crazy! Help me!

I’m so sorry your Staffy is going crazy, you’re going to have to work hard to keep him quiet for another 3 weeks. 

It’s important to keep him as quiet as you can so that the bones can heal as quickly as possible. The more active he is the more his splint will rub and may cause his skin to be sore.  Sometimes the splint will need to be replaced.

Use your crate as much as possible, keep him on the lead (he can sniff the trees outside your home), make sure you don’t let his leg get wet (put a bag over his splint when you take him outside) and keep him entertained with toys and safe treats to chew. 

He will need lots of attention and care and mental stimulation.

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