Our kelpie cross pup is vomiting, and stopped eating and drinking. How do we help?

Best way to help your beautiful pup is to head straight to your local bricks and mortar veterinarian if possible for a hands on examination and treatment for the symptoms and well as the underlying cause.

Puppies that are vomiting and not eating/drinking, become rapidly dehydrated and suffer low blood sugar, and continue to deteriorate quickly. The sooner treatment is started the less intensive it will need to be.

Some of the underlying causes of vomiting might be:

  • Infectious disease (bacteria, viruses, parasites)
  • Gut problems (inflammatory bowel disease, tumours, obstructions, food intolerance or food allergies)
  • Abdominal or metabolic problems (kidney, liver, pancreatitis, spleen, electrolyte abnormalities, diabetes)
  • Direct irritation of the stomach
  • A reaction to toxins or other drugs
  • Dietary indiscretion

Call your local bricks and mortar vet and let them know you’re on the way.

If you’d like to chat in person, you can get a vet on a live video call or start a chat to discuss in more detail now.

We’re here to help!

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Dr Claire