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My Poodle has just been diagnosed with diabetes and I’m finding it hard to get the insulin right.

Diabetes can be tricky to get under control initially. There are many factors at play which can complicate how easily the insulin can control the Diabetic dog’s glucose level.

This includes:

  • Getting on the right dose for the individual
  • Other pre-existing diseases or conditions e.g. Cushing’s disease, Hypothyroidism, infection
  • Reproductive hormones (when they are not desexed)
  • Being overweight

Further to that, the way the insulin is prepared and stored can also affect how well it works. Giving it incorrectly, giving the wrong amount, shaking the bottle, storing it at the incorrect temperature or improper feeding are all common reasons for the insulin to fail at controlling the condition.

Once the correct dosage is found and given to the individual, and other factors are controlled,  it does get much easier when treating a diabetic dog.

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