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My 13 year Rottweiler has wet her bed overnight a couple of times. Is this just a sign of her age or a symptom of another disease?

Desexed females can find it difficult to hold their bladder during sleep (hormonal responsive urethral incontinence). This is more common in dogs who are middle aged to older and generally this occurs when they are at rest. These dogs do well on medication to strengthen the sphincter which gives better control of the bladder.

There are other causes for wetting of the bed such as urinary tract infections or medical conditions which cause dogs to drink and urinate more, which need to be tested for first before treating assumed hormonal responsive urethral incontinence.

A hands-on examination from your local vet would be a great place to start. They may even recommend a blood test and certainly a urine test, as a great way to assess your dog’s base health.

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