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What is a renewal vaccination? My dog hasn’t had a vaccination for a long time, and he needs one for his stay at a boarding kennel.

Our pets require regular vaccinations to help protect them against potentially fatal diseases. Overtime, the immunity your pet has against these diseases wanes, making your pet more susceptible. These regular vaccinations are sometimes referred to as ‘renewal vaccinations’ as they help to boost your pet’s immunity against certain diseases and provide ongoing protection.

In adult dogs, there are some vaccinations (Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus) that can be given every three years. The canine cough vaccination however must given (‘renewed’) annually as protection only lasts 12 months. This is important as canine cough is often spread between a group of dogs (such as at the park, at a boarding kennel or at a grooming salon). The vaccination protects against the most serious strains of the disease but won’t prevent some of the milder forms of canine cough (similar to the flu vaccine in humans that helps to prevent the flu but not the common cold.)

If your dog is overdue for his vaccination, he may require a booster vaccination in one month before he is able to be accepted in to the boarding kennel. This ensures he AND other dogs are protected and remain safe and healthy.  We can talk to you further about what vaccinations your pet might need. Or you can ask your veterinarian for more information.

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