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We stay with you all day and follow up too.

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We look after your fur baby in their favourite places: wherever you are. Our small group of vets are here to be there in your world as soon as you need us to be.

Help when you need it

Consultations as early as 6am until 11pm every day. Get answers wherever you are, without the stress out of taking them out.

A pawsonal record

Our video and chat consults mean everything’s recorded for you. We pass on chat transcripts and pawsonal summaries so you always remember what the plan is.

Meet our vets

Claire Jenkins

Dr Claire, BVSc and Vetchat co-founder

15+ years of experience
Mum to gorgeous Kelpie, Red
More about Dr Claire

Dr Karen Wong

Dr. Karen, BVSc

More about Dr Karen

dr fi vet

Dr. Fi, BVSc
Mum to Lenno the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross

More about Dr Fi

Dr. Liz, BVSc
Mum to Maisy and Niko, rescued Ragdoll cats

More about DrLiz

Chat with us first for

  • Unusual or unexplained vomiting
  • Sudden or persistent diarrhoea
  • Itchy skin and obsessive licking
  • Minor cuts, broken nails, smelly bottoms
  • Barking, yelping or behavioural problems
  • Putting on weight (or losing it)
  • Drinking lots of water (or not enough)
  • Anything that’s worrying you

Priceless peace of mind

  • Consults between 6am-11pm to fit into your life
  • Vetchat Chat for fast, ongoing vet care within minutes
  • Vetchat Video for live vet-to-pet examination and support
  • Next-day follow up to ensure your fur baby’s back on track
  • Affordable and available even if your vet clinic is closed

Sit. Stay. Breathe.

  • Check with our vets before moving anywhere
  • Know what to do and how to prevent it
  • No question is too big, small or silly
  • No pup’s too young or young-at-heart
  • Pawsonal health plans for ongoing advice
  • Special love for senior pets and post-op care
  • One-off’s and chronic illnesses

Happy smiles and waggly tails

We’ve helped thousands of Aussie pets and their parents since we started in 2015
Vetchat is 000 for animals! When our small 4 week old pup became sick I thought 'if only I could just call a vet and send a picture to them so they can help us without having to upend the little guy and drag him to a clinic'. I suspected a virus and I didn't want to leave the house with him. I knew how busy the local vet was and a house call could take hours and be expensive. So I looked online and there was Claire from Vetchat. What a godsend! I can't emphasise enough just how helpful this service is. To have such an intelligent, knowledgeable warm and helpful person on call on my mobile really meant the difference between life and death for this pup. With Claire's help I was able to nurse him around the clock which would have cost a fortune in a clinic, yet without which he would have died. Claire's diagnostic advice was clear, prompt and extreme value for money. Just knowing I can call her again wherever I am without having to find a clinic is great piece of mind.- Felicity
I had a great experience with vetchat and would highly recommend them! One night recently I found a tick on my puppy’s blanket. I was pretty worried about her, but she seemed fine, so I didn’t know if I should rush her to an emergency vet or not... I wasn’t sure what to expect from an online vet, but it was pretty much just like seeing a vet in person. I got a response right away, I could easily upload photos of the tick, and Claire’s advice was detailed and accurate (also friendly and reassuring!). She was able to give me an opinion on the type of tick it was (luckily just a brown dog tick) and tell me signs to watch for just in case. My regular vet confirmed the tick diagnosis in person when we went a few days later for vaccinations. Great service, thank you!- Erica, NSW
Our puppy Tonks was having a bad run with illness and the vet bills were accumulating. Vetchat helped us to understand what Tonks was going through, what the next steps should be and what we could do for her, that day, without the adding to the vet debt. We highly recommend Dr Claire and Vetchat to anyone who is umming and ahhing about taking their beloved pet to the vet.- Benny, QLD
The after hours service, prior to going to a vet hospital could be a vital decision between waiting for a vet to open, which could be fatal, or even just understanding the level of severity of your pets diagnosis (it could be something minor and therefore not needed the after hours vet service or hospital). vetchat provides professional support to help you make a decision on the next actions to take to care for your pet.- Mark, VIC
What started out as a second opinion became a journey and I cannot praise Claire at Vetchat highly enough.</p> <p>Although I live in a city there was no vet willing to invest the time and patience into our boy Fella's unique situation. Claire went above and beyond in ensuring we had the support in getting a resolution into Fella's skin condition.</p> <p>Claire provided the best veterinary service I've ever had and I would not hesitate to use or recommend vet chat to anyone in the future.<br /> - Lauren, NT
Dr Claire was so helpful, and put my mind at ease at a time when I couldn't get to my local vet. Her video call made all the difference in knowing what action to take with my puppy Pepper. Further still, Dr Claire followed up the next day to see how Pepper was feeling. Thank you so much Dr Claire, I can't wait to share my experience with others.- Nicoleta, NSW

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