How it works

Our vets are online and ready to chat.

We bring experienced vet advice to your phone or device the moment you need it.

  • Here for you between 6am and 11pm
  • Everyday questions about your fur baby
  • Health advice to keep tails wagging
  • Strange habits or naughty behaviour
  • When you can’t get to a vet or feel unsure
  • Lifelong support for your best friend

For ear-flappingly fast access, start a chat

We’ll be with you in minutes and stay with you all day. Your pawsonal chatroom stays open so you can upload photos and videos while we monitor your fur baby. And we’ll send you a full transcript once we’re done.

For a live vet-to-pet consult, book a video

Choose any appointment time you like and we’ll send you a video link for your desktop or phone. Most calls go for 20 minutes while we examine your fur baby in action. We’ll email a pawsonal summary afterwards too.

dr claire jenkins

A quick chat might save a lot

Having worked in vet practices all over Australia, we know that lots of fur babies can be treated at home. That’s where the idea for Vetchat came from.

We saw a need for pre-clinic care to help free up our vets for more serious cases, but also, to better support pet-parents like you.

When it comes to peace of mind, our online consults give you that instantly. Sometimes, they also confirm you need to visit a vet. Either way, it’s a win-win.

And while we’re absolutely here for you in moments of worry, we want to be your vet companion in daily life too. Because together, we can ensure our pets are the healthiest and happiest of all.

Sit and stay to see our vets.

Our vets are online from 6am until 11pm. So as soon as you notice something’s up, we can treat your fur baby wherever you are.

Keep us by your side all day.

We don’t love and leave you. Our consults stay open for a whole day (between 6am-11pm) and we always follow up next day too.

Save your pawsonal guide

Everything’s recorded online and emailed to you. Which means treatment plans are easy to access and nothing’s ever forgotten.