Aug 12
dog with a tick under it's eye

I’m travelling to the central coast this summer, What do I do about ticks?

Paralysis tick (ixodes holocyclus) is a dangerous parasite that affects Australian dogs and cats.

They are found along the eastern coastline of Australia from North Queensland to Northern Victoria, roughly within a band of 20km inland from the coast. They will be found all year round in North Queensland but from August to April further south such as the central coast NSW where you are headed.

Things to do to prevent tick poisoning:

  1. Thoroughly search your pet for ticks DAILY
  2. Clip long haired pets so you can search and see ticks more easily
  3. Keep away from bushland
  4. Use an approved anti tick collar, spot on or spray- remember no product is 100% effective on their own.

These pests latch onto your dog or cats skin to feed whilst simultaneously injecting their toxin.

If you find a tick remove it as quickly as possible – pull it off at the head at the point of insertion to the skin trying to leave the body undisturbed. Keep the tick for identification by a veterinarian.

Initial clinical signs of poisoning are a change of voice in your pet, loss of appetite, vomiting, and weakness progressing to paralysis and difficulty breathing that can result in death.

If your pet is showing clinical signs of tick poisoning you must take them to the vet immediately.

Cautionary note: Remember you cannot use dog products on your cat as they can cause a fatal reaction.

Going to a tick area? You should book an appointment to chat with our vet.