Oct 20
hungry cat and dog

Is tuna ok for cats?

Tuna is a favourite food of many a cat and although they love it, it doesn’t mean it’s good for them!

As we know Fish is a great source of protein, but a diet with a high proportion of human- grade canned tuna can have many problems:

  • It’s nutritionally deficient – it lacks essential vitamins and minerals that cats need, namely calcium.
  • Many cats are allergic to fish – signs can be an intense itch to an upset tummy.
  • Risk of mercury poisoning – tuna is high in mercury.
  • The ratio of unsaturated fats to vitamin E is not sufficient for cats and can lead to a Vitamin E deficiency, which causes a painful inflammation of the fat.
  • Addiction issues – your cat may not want anything else!
  • Thiaminases – they leave cats at risk of Thiamine deficiency (raw tuna)

Canned ‘tuna’ cat foods that are AAFCO approved (ensure you see this on the food label) are a different story and have other ingredients added to make the meal complete and safe for your cat.

So, human grade canned tuna IS actually ok for your cat – as long as it is kept at less than approximately 10% of your kitty’s diet. In this case, you absolutely can have too much of a good thing!

For advice to get your kitty’s diet right, go to https://www.vetchat.com.au/book

Our next post will give more information on reading food labels for our pets