Aug 12

My dog gets really anxious with fireworks, any tips to help?

Fireworks are very noisy and as such, a cause of anxiety for many dogs. Dogs may try to hide, scratch and break doors to get inside to ‘safety’ or jump fences and run away. They may become lost, damage their paws or run into oncoming traffic risking injury and death.

Tips to help:

• Make sure your fur baby is safe, secure and unable to injure themselves before the fireworks have begun. They may need to be in the house with you. Have blinds down to reduce the flashes of light. Background noise is helpful.
• Try to give them a treat or play a game to form a positive association with the sounds (this works especially well when they are younger)
• There are CDs available that you can also use to slowly introduce dogs to when they are young or to gently desensitise dogs from their phobia at any age.

If these don’t work you may need to consider using medications to reduce anxiety.

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