Aug 12
dog with bad breath

Why does my pet have bad breath?

Bad breath or halitosis is usually caused by bacteria in your otherwise perfect I’m sure fur baby’s mouth!

Dogs and cats need daily attention to keep their mouths clean and free of odour producing bacteria and tartar. Being proactive in regards to your pets mouth makes those close cuddles more pleasant and also avoid the hip pocket pain with professional cleaning.

Steps for a healthy mouth:

• Once daily brushing of the teeth. Introduce slowly by starting for only a few seconds and you can build up to a more thorough brush- it must be a positive experience for you both. I find the finger toothbrushes work best and a toothpaste safe for animals such as Dentipet.
• Feed a well balanced, high quality, easily digestible food
• Dental treats or chews that clean the teeth the best way- by chewing!
• Regular check ups with a veterinarian

There are other causes of bad breath such as disease of the mouth, or problems with the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract or internal organs.

A vet is the best person to pin point the reason for your mates bad breath.

We need to talk about your pets bad breath – Book an appointment with our vet