Aug 27
cat with a scratch

Why is my cat itchy?

Having an itchy cat is a very common reason for seeking veterinary advice. Whilst a quick fix can often be managed with medications if the reason causing the itch isn’t addressed it will just continue to return causing distress for you and your fur baby.

Most common causes for an itchy cat:

Fleas (most common)- the flea’s saliva causes the allergy and a single bite can cause them to be very itchy. Lesions tend to be more at the back end of your cat but can occur anywhere on their body.
• Atopy – itch is due to allergens such as dust or pollen that is typically inhaled. It tends to be all over the body and may start by only occurring seasonally but builds up to being all year round.
• Food allergy – often to a protein or additive in food. Fish and beef are common causes. Itch mainly affects the head and face but can be anywhere on the body and tends to be all year round.
• Insect bites – Biting flying insects such as mosquitoes can cause intense itch and tend to bite non-haired areas such as the bridge of the nose. These cats tend to have lesions over their nose, face and ears.
• Ear Mites – these are a major cause of ear inflammation and infection, and also cause itch over the head and neck.

Its important to be aware that there may be more than one cause for your itchy cat and that there are other less common causes not listed above.

Our next post will look at ways to manage your itchy feline friend.

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