Aug 12
cat drinking water

Why is my pet drinking so much water?

The amount your fur kid drinks is important to track as it gives us very valuable information about their health. You may just notice you are filling the water bowl more than usual.

It can be normal to drink a little more on hot days or with strenuous activity, and for puppies and lactating animals.

However it could also indicate a serious health concern. These include, but are not restricted to, diabetes, kidney, liver and Cushing’s disease. Early detection of disease is essential to give your pet the best chance with treatment.

If your pet is truly drinking more (we determine this is based on their weight and amount drunk over a 24 hour period), or is unwell then investigation is needed as soon as possible.

Remember water is essential for life, so never deprive your pet of water.

Don’t wait to see what happens when you’re worried your best mate is drinking more water. Book an appointment to chat with our vet